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Founded in August 2011 and launched publicy March 2013, Oogababy is a secure "baby-cloud" for parents to store health data and precious moments with apps that simplify parenting. The Oogababy Health app keeps track of measurements, calculates current and future growth and predicts future milestones. Oogababy aims to help parents understand child development and give children a healthy start to life.


Our headquarters are in Oslo, Norway, but everyone at Oogababy is free to live and work wherever they want. At Oogababy we use amazing collaboration tools to work closely together despite being physically far apart.

We’re designers, developers, innovators, writers, lawyers, engineers, runners, analysts, hikers, authors, photographers, pilots, readers, travelers, volunteers, hard workers, and most importantly parents.

We want to provide tools that simplifies the life of parents.


Oogababy is funded by angel investors in Norway and the United States and grants from Innovation Norway.


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