We aim to add more delight and surprise to parenthood and give babies a healthy start to life.

Oogababy is a secure „baby-cloud“ for parents to organise and store health data and precious baby moments with apps that simplify parenting.

Our Values


We believe that well crafted tools improve life.


We believe in social by choice, not by default.


We believe in removing complexities and focusing on what matters.

The Team

The team started up in 2011 with a mission to help new parents.

We are designers, developers, innovators, writers, lawyers, engineers, runners, analysts, hikers, authors, photographers, pilots, readers, travelers, volunteers, hard workers, and most importantly parents. We aim to provide tools that simplify the lives of new parents.

Our company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway but each team member is free to live and work from any location.

Our investors

Oogababy is funded by angel investors in Norway and the United States and grants from Innovation Norway.

What does Oogababy mean?

„Ooga!“ expresses strength and exclaims delight and surprise.
„Oogababy“ aims to symbolise the emotionally strong moments, surprises and delight experienced by parents during a baby’s first few years.

Any questions?
Feel free to ask.


Your baby's development.


Your baby's journal.